Myanmar/Burma Database at AsianLII

Professor Graham Greenleaf and Philip Chung of the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII), in consultation with Melissa Crouch, have established a Myanmar/Burma online law database as part of the AsianLII program. A guide on how to use the database is available online. AsianLII was established in 2006 and provides for searching and browsing over 400,000 documents in more than 400 databases of legislation, case-law, law reform reports, law journals and other legal information, from all 28 jurisdictions in the region. All databases can be searched simultaneously, or searches limited to one country’s databases or other combinations. Search results can be ordered by relevance, by date, or by database. For each country, AsianLII also contains an extensive catalogue of law-related websites, and a ‘Law on Google’ facility which assists users to search Google only for legal materials from that country. AsianLII is operated by AustLII in cooperation with partner institutions in Asian countries, and other legal information institutes (LIIs) in the Free Access to Law Movement with Asian databases. Part of the aim of the AsianLII project is to assist in the development of the local capacity of our partner organisations to develop and maintain independent local legal information to the standards of world’s best practice, and to integrate them into international free-access law networks such as AsianLII, WorldLII and LawCite. This may include the provision of AustLII’s Sino search engine and other software for LII development, joint development of new databases, AustLII support for applications by local partners to obtain resources, and some in-country training.