Fostering Women’s Empowerment through Digital Entrepreneurship

This workshop series will bring leading experts and researchers from Australia, Thailand and Indonesia together to focus on the role of digital entrepreneurship in enabling women’s economic empowerment and financial inclusion in developing communities and develop a capacity building roadmap. It is funded by the Australia-ASEAN Council, $29,381, and led by Investigators: Felix Tan, Carmen Leong, Wing Wah Tham, Minako Sakai, and Melissa Crouch. This project will enable researchers and experts to share knowledge and develop strategies for women’s economic empowerment through digital entrepreneurship. The workshop series will enhance collaborations and networking between Australian and ASEAN research institutions and communities on this important area of financial engagement for women in developing communities. The workshops, to be held in Jakarta (Nov 2019), Thailand (March 2020) and Canberra (June 2020), will provide a platform for dialogue among academics, government, businesses, communities and media on issues of women’s economic empowerment and financial inclusion. Key participants will share case studies of kampung digital programs, the effect of digital marketplaces and the current state of women’s digital entrepreneurship initiatives and SMEs in farming communities in West Java and South Sulawesi of Indonesia. The workshops will promote and support knowledge development on women in leadership. This interdisciplinary project involves UNSW Faculties of Business, Law and Social Science, the Institute for Global Development and inkind collaboration with the Ford Foundation, the Social Trust Fund and the State Islamic University (Jakarta); and Thammasat Business School (Thailand).