Workshop on Courts, Power and Legal Process in Indonesia

The workshop on “Courts, Power and Legal Process in Indonesia” focused on the growth in the role and function of courts in Indonesia. Twenty years on from Indonesia’s democratic transition, there has not yet been a thorough analysis of how and why Indonesia’s courts have changed, and what this says about power and legal culture today. The common theoretical point of reference for this workshop is the seminal work of the late Professor Dan S Lev, a pioneer in the study of courts and legal process in Indonesia. Lev’s work was grounded in a socio-legal approach to the study of law, and his work spans an impressive range of themes related to courts, judges, lawyers and politics in Indonesia from the 1960s to 2000s. The papers in this workshop reinvigorate and affirm the importance of Lev’s work for the study of courts in Indonesia. Offering new and empirically informed perspectives on important developments in the courts, this workshop seeks to bring the study of Indonesian courts into the broader view of literature and debates on the politics of courts. The book The Politics of Court Reform: Judicial Change and Legal Culture in Indonesia is available here.